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Your Hotel Room is Secured With iBeacon

This era has been another level to technology. Start from something in our house, public places, even whatever we’ve done daily is technology-related. This year, apparently, has become smart environment ideas for taking the next level of technology. It is not actually this year, It has been going for couple of years. Smart environment is connecting things to things. It appears because of the idea of Internet of Things. Recently, smart environment has been created in a house, airport, museum, even smart environment is driving around in a truck. By these smart ideas to create smart environment, most of them are using iBeacon technology.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc. known for Westin and Sheraton Hotels is a high-tech hotel chain. It has begun giving preferred guests (known as SPGs) the ability to walk straight to their rooms and unlock their hotel doors with their smartphones by using Apple Inc.’s iBeacon—low-powered devices that use wireless technologies like Bluetooth Smart, also called Bluetooth LE (Low Energy), to interact with mobile devices.

Starwood even has an app ready for the Apple Watch that was launched this month in the US. It will allow users with an SPG app to access their stay details like check-in, checkout, and even get transportation and parking options at the hotel. The hotel “is marrying high-tech and high-touch to transform the hotel experience for our guests” and taking advantage of analytics and technology to “eliminate perennial pain points for our travelers”, according to Chris Norton, vice-president, CRM (customer relationship management) and channel intelligence, Starwood, who uses Adobe Inc.’s Marketing Cloud to help him in the task.

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