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Woolworths Brings Shopping List On Your Wrist

Woolworths is known as a player in the app game, with an app for iOS and Android devices that allows shoppers to set up shopping lists by adding or scanning items in the pantry, sort lists by aisle number for a particular store, find opening hours and track specials in-store.  With Apple Watch, Australians may soon be able to use this feature in Woolworths soon, with a subtle hint coming from the Watch itself.

“If you’ve created shopping lists within the iPhone app, you can access those through the watch,” Katrina Colpo, Digital Marketing Manager of Wollworths said. “From your wrist, you can see all the lists that you’ve created for the different items that you need, and as you tap into the shopping list, you can see all of the items that you want to purchase. They’re ordered in aisle order for that particular store that you want to shop in.”

The Watch is ultimately “mirroring what’s available in the iPhone app” and providing a “view port” for lists and information, meaning the iPhone itself is still needed to organise lists before your at the supermarket. But Colpo said having that information on your wrist could prove invaluable for shoppers who are juggling groceries, kids, a bag and a trolley.

“If you can have the phone in your handbag and you can literally be looking at your shopping list from your wrist, that means your hands are free to be dealing with your trolley and getting the groceries off the shelf,” she said.

The Watch also brings new functionality in terms of what Apple calls “glances” — short, read-only information to give quick details on an app. In Woolworths’ case, these glances provide information on the user’s nearest store as well as contact details, opening hours and the time it would take to walk or drive there.

source: cnet.

Woolworths isn’t the only Australian name to get onboard with the Apple Watch from the early stages. Australian outsourcing start-up Airtasker will offer an app for the device from launch, allowing users to farm out jobs such as cleaning the house, doing repairs or picking up deliveries, all using the Watch interface.

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