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Will Google’s Eddystone Survive?

When we hear Google, automatically our brain will mentioning tech giant in the world. I mean, who doesn’t know Google? This giant techies has 80% of market share in the world. This also means 8 out of 10 people is using Google’s product. If you still don’t believe it, you can take a look at your email address. Oh look, it’s provided by Google. Another one? Where do you find things in internet? Oh hey, that’s Google too.

Purchased Android on 2005 was literally one of best step Google ever had. Since 80% of world population has smartphone that integrates with Google, Google’s penetration to its market is easier.Now that Google released Eddystone, it makes the world wonder will it successfully competing with another tech giant that previously launched iBeacon technology, Apple.

As we know that people has been used to iBeacon from Apple. Its development has been growing from one point to another really fast. We can see how iBeacon technology has been spread to the world from retailers to public spots. Literally it is growing into building smart environment with Internet of Things.

The biggest difference in the beacons for users is that iBeacon requires users to download an app to make use of it, but Eddystone only requires a browser to receive beacon messages. Hung said there’s some reluctance on the part of users to download yet another app, so they may be more willing to use Eddystone, especially in places they don’t frequently visit.

Google’s approach with Eddystone is largely illustrative of the core difference in approach between Apple and Google. The openness of Eddystone is contrary to the iBeacon, as Apple is known for having a closed, closely guarded ecosystem.

This will be such a great tech giants parade. Even though Apple is conquering the world with its iBeacon technology, it doesn’t define Google cannot conquer the market too. Remember when they launched Android? It started with underestimation and now part of us  is addicted to Android.


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