What is M2M?

Briefly, M2M (Machine-to-Machine) can be defined as data communications between two or more machines. Sometimes it is translated into Man-to-Machine and Machine-to-Man and others. Interconnection between cellular telephone service provider, M2M, Telemetry or Telematics is one of successful project that use public wireless network. Mostly M2M systems are task-specific, means it has purpose-built for single device or a very particular area, device in an industry. However, this makes M2M still needs to be develop gradually. Since it has a single specific task, the functions are duplicated. Each purpose-built system repeats many functions already implemented in similar systems. On the contrary, M2M has a lot of benefits to many industries in the world.

How can M2M communications beneficial the business?

M2M serves a bunch of benefits to many personals, companies, communities and organizations in the private and public sectors in any various industries. There are several benefits through leveraging M2M solutions:

  • Prevents cost-effective maintenance and Quality of Service
  • Responses quickly through outsourcing troubleshooting
  • Centralizes service support and data management
  • Develops the on-going revenues throughout product life-cycle
  • Increases revenues from minimized downtime
  • Serves remote diagnostics and Real-time satiation.

What is IoT? How it deals with M2M?

IoT (Internet of Things) is an interconnection between a computing device (e.g. computer) and existing internet infrastructure that be able to create a bigger thing than you ever thought. It describes a future where every physical thing around you can be connected to the internet and simply change your life. It also expected to offer high connectivity devices, system, and services that goes wide Machine-to-Machine communications (M2M) and involves a type of protocols, domains and applications. To sum up, IoT is greater potential market than M2M because it has business integration, potential higher-order benefits, and ability to accommodate more and a wider variety of devices. But both have the same solutions offer to improve service management.


iBeacon is in the Big Business

While M2M has its own benefits and purposes, iBeacon serves more than that. It have been noted that iBeacon, the location service offered by Apple, may be providing a new and unexpected road for the Internet of Things to really come about.

iBeacon proved its technology in any industries such as hospitality, arts, music, aviation, transportation, retail, and etc. With its Bluetooth Low Energy technology, it spreads relevant information to all customers everywhere and every time they need it.

iBeacon technology is definitely change people life. wherever they walk on, whenever they need information, its always there. Be ready for the next iBeacon technology which will give you more pleasure, more experience, more simplicity, and more and more satisfaction.


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