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Which iBeacon Are You?

Talking about iBeacon, there have been a lot of magic that has been created by it. Whether it’s about engaging customers, receiving brochure, find location, or tracking what most wanted in your store. These have been many proves for iBeacon to show that iBeacon is one of most affecting technology in the world. Another proof that iBeacon is one of the most affecting technology is there are already more than 15 companies that installed iBeacon technology in their venue. This situation makes world becomes more curios on how iBeacon take over almost every marketing jobs and widen the range of the company that have already installed them into some bigger companies by engaging their customers. Many satisfied customers have said that iBeacon can help them manage the time and situation when they’re shopping. With simple way by turning on bluetooth and installing app, anyone can be connected with iBeacon. iBeacon is a small device using Bluetooth Low Energy. It will transmit signal and any smartphone that catches the signal will receive notification, information, and many more. Make sure the device supports with Bluetooth version 4. iBeacon setting is set in Backend as a Service (BaaS). You can manage what you want your beacon to do with configure it with Backend as a Service (BaaS). Many things iBeacon can do for you. Start from smart home until engaging your customers. Here are some of choices to choose the right iBeacon for you.

iBeacon for Home

Believe it or not, smart home is something that is going to be so happening in the future. It will be in every home that connect each other. With smart home, you can make a coffee when you are hals asleep, turning on your heater before arriving to the kitchen, even unlock the door before you arrived at your front door. These can be controlled with small device. iBeacon takes part in the building of smart home too. iBeacon implementation in smart home can be seen in the microlocating feature. If you have a really huge smart home, you can put your device in some certain spots in your home and track your family member in your house. iBeacon can also be used as a reminder at home. Some people are having busy schedules and they sometimes forgot about their own schedule. iBeacon can be set as reminder for them. So you don’t have to be worried what are you going through in a day. Not having a big smart home or a smart home? Don’t worry, iBeacon can be installed in any kinds of home. It only requires Bluetooth signal so if you don’t get any signal, iBeacon still can work. Set any notification, reminder, or anything in your iBeacon through Backend as a Service (BaaS) and experience the new level of technology in home.

iBeacon for Business

What kind of business do you own? Does your business involve with may people as customers? Does your business need some advertising or marketing? Do you have any problem in engaging with customers? Then you really need to install iBeacon. No more doubt, iBeacon has been helping companies all around the world to grow whether it’s about marketing or engaging customers. Install iBeacon in your store and set your beacon with BaaS. When a customer enters your store, they will get greeting, notification about discount and offers, and information about your product details. Engaging your customers is one of many ways to keep your business over the top. Beside that, marketing can also be done by iBeacon. iBeacon can help you do the marketing directly to your customers. You don’t have to send random people advertising about your product. iBeacon can help you do your advertising directly to customers who needs your product. Setting your advertisement with iBeacon through Backend as a Service. You don’t have to be super in technology to setting with BaaS.

Cubeacon, iBeacon providers, will provide you with iBeacon device (Cubeacon SDK) and Backend as a Service. Cubeacon SDK is iBeacon device that last for 2 years. It also comes with separate chargeable battery and you can integrate it with Cubeacon BaaS. Cubeacon BaaS is a simple Backend that will help you to integrate with your beacon. With quick 5 minutes step, you can be iBeacon developer. Visit www.cubeacon.com and choose the right iBeacon. We give you high quality service with a low cost.

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