There are various ways to serve your beloved customers and make them satisfied. One way to do it is by updating the technology of your service. For your reference, you can buy ibeacon to support your business activity. The question is what this tiny device can do to support your business?

Function of iBeacon for Business

iBeacon is considered as a microlocation along with sensor. The function of this ibeacon device is to give notification to smartphone which has specific ibeacon android app. By the time specific smartphone get closer to the beacon, the beacon will give the signal. The signal will be received by the smartphone users in the form of important information related to the products or services offered to you. For example, if you are visiting a restaurant with beacon technology and you have apple ibeacon ios 7 app for restaurant. The beacons around the restaurant give your smartphone information such as the menu offered to you. You just need to read the menu from your smartphone if you want to order the menu, you just need to accept the request and wait for the waiter come and bring your order.

The Detail of iBeacon

What about the physical appearance of ibeacon along with Bluetooth low energy? Actually, it is a tiny wireless device. Because it is small device, the appearance will not disturb the surrounding. There is a possibility that people will not notice this device around them. Thisibeacon ble can be applied in any kind of flat surface. Those are including wood surface, glass surface and wall surface. This device is supported by built-in Bluetooth 4.0 chip or bluetooth low energy. Then, it is covered by soft silicone case which can be stick back side. Just stick it around the strategic place around your building and let this device gives you a signal to the smartphone closer to this beacon. At least, this device works up to four inches away or around 200 feet away. Specific website such as is ready to serve you if you want to buy ibeacon. From the example above, we can conclude that this device helps you to support your business easier and faster for customers’ satisfaction. The price is also reasonable enough to buy and the most important thing is that you can get benefits to develop your business. Of course, you can earn more money because it means you are also attracted the users of smartphone to use this type of technology.


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