It is a little bit difficult to make your customers loyal to you. The possible way is by improving your technology so they can be attracted to come to your store again and again. It is important to make sure that the technology helps your customers to buy something they need faster and easier when they come to your store. To support this kind of need, you can just use the latest technology known as ibeacon for android.

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You can start to plan to develop your store by using ibeacon device. It is possible for you to buy it online and one of recommended store you can visit is This is the place where you can buy ibeacon. Later, you can give real data to your beloved customer only from signal which will be transferred to their android gadget. Don’t underestimate their product. This is because they are ready with apple ibeacon ios 7. So, what do you get and they get from this small device? Just install one of ibeacon devices in your store. This technology will send a signal to your customers who have smartphone on their hand. Automatically, they will receive specific information about a product. The information is including photos, videos, reviews, price and even social media update. Moreover, ibeacon Bluetooth ble is also important for you to inform about the special offers you want to share to the customers. You don’t need extra cost to make an announcement and your customers don’t need to get confuse about the complete information about your products.

The Explanation about Estimote iBeacon

Basically, there is also a similar product known as estimote ibeacon. This device is also commonly known as mote. This type of iBeacon is also designed in small size and unique shape. It comes with several colors such as blue, purple, yellow, and many more. It is also the same in function. This small device will send signal to the users of smartphone around the area. Then, they will receive the information they need most. For your information ibeacon iPhone app has been used for several business activities. Those are including fashion boutique business, supermarket business, sport business, and many more. In short, this device helps retail owners to deliver their message or promotion effectively without spending extra money. If you want to know the detail and the complete information about this device, you can just go check and read the information or see the video provided there.


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