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What You Need to Integrate With Eddystone

Named after an England lighthouse, Eddystone, Google have joined beacon space. The beacon space that was started from Apple with the name iBeacon on 2013, now has one more family. So, yes. Eddystone is technically  beacon. It broadcasts Bluetooth signal and deliver notification.

Then what makes it different with iBeacon? When iBeacon needs entire SDK of iBeacon standard from Apple, Google made their beacon an open source. Released on Github, developers can download and use it for further development on their own. Which makes developers more easier to create many new things.


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So what you need to integrate with Eddystone?

Google also released 3 application programming interfaces that will help developers integrate with Eddystone. They are:

1. Nearby API. 

Nearby provides a proximity API, Nearby Messages, for iOS and Android devices to discover and communicate with each other, as well as with beacons. Nearby uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and inaudible sound (using the device’s speaker and microphone) to establish proximity. With the latest release of Google Play services 7.8, the Nearby Messages API becomes available to all developers across iOS and Android devices (Gingerbread and higher). Nearby doesn’t use or require a Google Account. The first time an app calls Nearby, users get a permission dialog to grant that app access.

2. Proximity Beacon API.

The Proximity Beacon API allows you to manage data associated with your BLE beacons using a REST interface. After you register a beacon with the Proximity Beacon API, you can associate attachments that are stored in the cloud. This way you can manage and update the information associated with each beacon even after the beacons are deployed. The API also allows you to perform batch updates so your users always have the latest information and you don’t need to manually re-provision your beacon hardware.

3. Places API

A great Google location and communication APIs (exclude Google Maps). Places API finds a users location, set a current place, pick a nearby place, autocomplete a search query of a place, get the place’s unique ID and report a device at a place (which will be the most pertinent to Eddystone).

Those are what you need to integrate with Eddystone. Of course you will need the beacon though. Basically, Eddystone is open and any hardware manufacturer that wants to build beacons with it is free to join. But the Nearby, Proximity and Places APIs plus Google Plus Services are still belong to Google. To enable the delivery of the various frameworks and functionality, developers will need to tie themselves to Google.


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