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What Makes BLE different, and How Does Cubeacon Differ Itself with Others?

Many wireless standard suffers to meet market expectations. Bluetooth in other hand, survive and leading on the smartphone booming, and will continue to gain momentum in IoT and wearable era. Thanks to Bluetooth LE and its unique specifications, most of smartphone shipped with BLE chips inside now.

Fact about Mobile Telephony Market

By 2018, more than 90 percent of Bluetooth enabled smartphones are expected to be Smart Ready devices
The number of Bluetooth enabled passengers cars is expected to grow over 50 million (almost 70 percent of the market) by 2016.

Why BLE ?

The ‘LE’ part is the key. The ‘B’ part (Classic Bluetooth) suffered as the medium of mobile virus on early 2000, that’s why Apple has restricted Bluetooth API until iOS 5 SDK was released together with first Bluetooth LE enabled iPhone 4s. A big shift took place in 2012, when phones started to include dual-mode chips supporting the newest Bluetooth technology and classic Bluetooth technology.
In BLE, there is no necessity for pairing process in order to receive the data. An iPhone does not need to be paired with a Philips Hue light bulb to know whether the smart bulb is On and vice versa. An iBeacon device such as Cubeacon can be powered with a single coin battery for years because it does not pair with your smartphone. Instead, it will broadcast an information then captured by your iPhone or Android device.

Cubeacon Uniqueness

Beacons aren’t made equals, so does Cubeacon. As a developer kit, you can opt the power source with mini usb cable.
On deployment, just put any coin battery and Cubeacon will stands for 2 years at most. It will reduce pollution for lasting battery up to 2 years.
Cubeacon was made with earth friendly mindset, that is our different key. We are proud to deliver great product without loosing opportunity to make earth a better place.


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