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What if LinkedIn is Connected With iBeacon?

Seeing all of iBeacon developments makes many of iBeacon developers think out of the box. The development of iBeacon whether it’s about the apps and its features have been a huge step on how technology should illuminate living. There have been many of iBeacon deployment in retail that can greet and farewell their customers, an app that connected with iBeacon to lose your weight, even an app that will bring you across a museum with new level of experience. Those various iBeacon deployment have satisfied their user but not iBeacon developer. Another new one of iBeacon development is LiNK.

LiNK is developed by SurfLabs. The new, two-person company, cofounded by Amazon and Fab.com alums. LiNK is connected with iBeacon. Once your phone caught its signal, LiNK will lead you automatically to the LinkedIn account nearby and you can build your own environment. 

Suppose you are in a room full of people but you don’t know any of them. It is like you are in a meeting of developers but you only know them as developers. Not much of it. Confuse about who you should meet and you don’t know what these developers are major at, LiNK can help you with that. Connected with iBeacon, it will give you direct profile of their LinkedIn. Create your own environment and voa-la you know which developer you should talk too. It can cut off your precious time. Instead of introducing your self to every developers in the room, you can download LiNK and see your nearby developers’ profile. Then you can choose the right developers to grow with.

“You are surrounded by so many kinds of professionals and you ask yourself, ‘Who should I meet here and are they relevant to my background?’” said Vince Koh, a cofounder of the company, articulating the problem behind its new app.

Koh and Karan Bhatia founded the company after seeing the potential of iBeacon technology for more interesting applications than store coupons. (We recently highlighted the Brooklyn Museum experimenting with iBeacon, which had a similar idea.)

Surf Labs’ first product is called LiNK. It’s a free LinkedIn-connected iOS app that draws the public information off of people’s profiles and shares it with other LiNK users nearby. The service is optimized to work with iBeacon technology, to locate people precisely in places too small for GPS.

source: technical.ly

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