As a seller, it is a must for you to promote your product creatively. One of possible way is by using ibeacon. Actually, this technology is developed by Apple to support marketing promotion especially for smartphone users. iBeacon which is also known as bluetooth low energy technology has been used by several industries including grocery, car accessories, sport, and gadget.

The Use of iBeacon Technology

This latest technology is combined with several applications. Those applications are including mobile app contextmobile apps location, GPS systems, audio app, network app, and many more. In the real application, ibeacon can also be used to support customer engagement such as financial service, bill payment service, debit and credit card services, electronic payment, advertising, promotion, and many more. In short, your beloved customers will receive the information they need easier and faster to their smartphone.

iBeacon System

For your information, a chip ibeacon works by changing a specific document into a signal. The signal from the ibeacon will be transmitted to smartphone via downloaded app in specific distance. This process is supported by bluetooth le protocol so the signal is transmitted well. On the other hand, your customers need to download certain app to get the information they need most from your business. Later, the information will be delivered to the customer for further action. For example, your customer read the message from their smartphone. Interestingly, they can also decide whether they want to buy the product explained there or not. The process is also done mobile and your next job is delivering their order to their address. iBeacon is also easy to install in any kind of flat surfaces. You can install it in wood surface, glass, and wall surface. You can buy cheap ibeacon to support your business activity. For further information, you can just visit and you can start to use a business revolutionary system.


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masu group · October 18, 2014 at 11:18 pm

Thank You for posting this, it’s much appreciated.

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