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Use iBeacon at Home and It Will Magically Become Smart Home

I love the idea of Smart Home. I have always loved that. It is such the coolest home ever. Combination of design, architect, and technology can be such a magic thing. Another cool thing from smart home is you can manage every single thing of your home just by one single device. You can manage it from your smartphone.

The idea of smart home came up in the era of Internet of Things (IoT). As iBeacon is one of huge steps in Internet of Things, implementing iBeacon at home can make you feel the essence of Internet of Things (IoT). This tiny device will transmit bluetooth signal and if any smartphone caught it, it will automatically deliver notification or information to the smartphone. Wonder what else you can do by installing iBeacon in your home?

Cool thing about iBeacon is it uses bluetooth signal. Bluetooth smart or version 4 is needed. So if you lost signal or your phone is about to die, you don’t have to worry. Now after you have iBeacon in your home, enhance your smart home concept with these ideas.

Smart reminder.

Your alarm is annoying? Not this one. If you have experienced some kind of boring-ringing-snoozing alarm, you will be up with this kind of reminder. Good thing is iBeacon can send many kind of notification like picture, text, HTML template, or even URL link. Another good thing? It can be scheduled (Horray for Schedule feature in our Backend!).

So you don’t have to be bothered sending the reminder in time, schedule it by the time you want and it will automatically be the smartest reminder ever. Or if your schedule’s changed and you are far from home, you can manage your iBeacon through your device.

Smart note.

Leaving note in home like a pro engineering with iBeacon. You can use text storyline feature in our Backend. The note will be automatically received when a smartphone caught iBeacon signal.

It is not only that kind of note. You can also use iBeacon at your home as a note of stuff in your home.

Smart Maps.

Having a huge house? Turn it into smart home. Having not-so-huge house? Turn it into smart home too.

iBeacon feature can do this with its microlocation feature. Microlocation can help you find who is in the beacon range (Our Backend can see the name too). So now, you don’t have to be worried having a huge house and losing one of family members. iBeacon can help you find it. The Marauder’s Map is getting real. It’s just not on the parchment but in your smartphone.

Do you feel the magic of iBeacon?

Lucky you there have been many iBeacon Developers who created apps that leveraging the function of iBeacon such as losing weight, watching videos, and even ticket booking. It totally helps in living.

Interested in implementing iBeacon device? Visit www.cubeacon.com for more information of iBeacon. Cubeacon is a one stop solution for iBeacon developer. We provide iBeacon hardware and Backend as a Service. Our hardware is designed like a cube and can be put everywhere and our Backend has many features such as analytics, microlocation, scheduled campaign, and various storyline like text, image, URL link and HTML template. Cubeacon will serve you with low cost and high quality service.

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