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Unique Apps to Integrate with iBeacon in Store

iBeacon technology has been a best friend in many retail business. It increases sales, customer engagement, in-store experience by push notification. The features in iBeacon such as delivering campaign can improve marketing with push notification. Product campaign, discount, and offers are all delivered directly to the customers’ smartphone.

In-Store experience is what makes retail business compete each other. Retail has been competing to get the best in-stores experience for their customers and engage them. Recently, there are various apps created and integrated with iBeacon to be deployed in store. These are examples of unique apps that integrates with iBeacon in store:

1. Game Stop

gamestop ibeacon

The retail chain has built such an army of in-store tech and human touchpoints that it has, in a sense, reversed the showrooming equation. iBeacon that has installed at the GameStop will let the customers receive notification, browse the deals, watch trailers, look at game ratings and write reviews for the game. GameStop also going to augment their ability to research in the store and do that in ways that they as a company don’t offer anywhere but in that store right now. They want to reinforce those same reasons customers came into the store once they’re in the store.

2. ShopKick


Macy’s announced the latest ShopBeacon program to give extra shopping services to customers across the United States. The ShopBeacon program involves the integration of iBeacon’s technology with the Shopkick appiBeacon’s mobile-location based devices are placed within various areas of the department store to deliver personalized discounts, product recommendations and rewards to Shopkick app users via their smartphones. Customers will receive general Macy’s promotions once the program has been activated shortly by early Fall. Furthermore, the department store states it will able to offer more shopping discounts.

3. WoolWorth’s


Woolworths has been a longtime app enthusiast; the grocery store chain quickly jumped into the app-based shopping world with products for both Android and iOS that allowed shoppers to create very specialized shopping lists. While the Watch app is ultimately meant to be a view port for the smartphone apps – meaning the iPhone itself is still needed to organize lists before you’re at the supermarket – the firm remains confident that the service will still be key, particularly for those shoppers whose attention is split between kids, food and god only know what else.

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