Before purchasing cheap ibeacon from, it is important for you to learn about this product in detail. There are several things you should know whether about the product and anything related to the implementation of ibeacon.

The Range of iBeacon

The first thing you should know about this mobile app location is about the range. This is concerning to the fact that ibeacon is using specific signal which is transmitted to your smart gadgets. Actually, the range of this Bluetooth low energy depends on the location. The location will determine whether the signal is absorbed or diffracted. Mostly, ibeacon works well in the range of up to 70m or 230 feet away. In this case, the ibeacon near the location will react with the application in your smartphone. It will give signal and you will receive specific important information you need most to your smartphone.

The Apps which Compatible with iBeacon

So, what kind of apps which are compatible with ibeacon technology? Basically, you can use any kind of apps. For example, you can use mobile app contextretail analytics apps, and ibeacon map app. In this case, those apps will receive the signal from the ibeacon around the area. The microlocation helps the process so your smartphone can receive the signal from the ibeacon well. Moreover, you can also receive or retrieve data including UUID. The information received is various and it depends on the proximity of the beacon itself. In the general application, this type of feature can be used as indoor navigation, marketing, automatic check in, and even contactless payment. Some of industries have been felt the benefits of using chip ibeacon. Commonly, they can do their business process faster and easier. Just buy this product from the official website above if you want to feel the real benefits from the application of ibeacon technology. It is cheap but worth for your daily activities especially for running your business.


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