Interesting app called Sky Library released by Lounge Istanbul now available for passengers who want to enjoy reading. In other words, Sky Library which integrated with iBeacon also provides relevant information that will help the passenger regarding the Longue Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines whose enhanced strategy is to make passengers feel special and valued throughout their travel by developing new innovations at each stage of travel, has yet launched another innovation. Turkish Airlines carries the Sky Library app – originally prepared for Miles & Smiles members- one step further by offering it to all of its guests at Lounge Istanbul through iBeacon technology.

This service will enable Lounge Istanbul guests to access free of charge the Turkish Airlines publications as well as most-read books in the fields of management, brands, marketing and communications and fairy tale and story books for children of all ages. The guests will also be able to view any info regarding Lounge Istanbul on their devices.

 A new technology offered by Apple, iBeacon extends the coverage of Location Services over the iOS 7 operating system and uses a Bluetooth signal to find locations. Moreover, Sky Library users who enter Lounge Istanbul will be recognized by the iBeacons devices, which will give them access to all the books with a single click during their stay at the Lounge. The users will also be able to make use of information services, which will give them a more enjoyable experience.

The users in Lounge Istanbul need to update the Sky Library app if they want to access this app while the new users need to download the app to their smartphone.

Another airline companies that already trials iBeacon are Lufthansa,American Airlines, easyjet, Japan Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic which still maintain the ongoing trials until now.

Download the Sky Library free app here

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