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Trip38 is Your Best Traveling Buddies

Traveling is actually a really fun thing to do. Fly from one country to another, experience new places and culture, and dealing with many new interesting things can make someone feel their living. Many people travel because they need a vacation or they are working. Whatever makes people travel they certainly need preparation.

When travel, it is impossible to forget carrying clothes. But, the other things – like the printout of the e–ticket that is supposedly to be carried – are easy to slip from our minds. In such condition, Trip38 comes to save your traveling life. It is the comprehensive guide for your travel. It is too much of an effort to save all the required files in a pen drive, or desktop and mobile phone. Instead, send over your ticket to explore@trip38.com, and run the app after downloading it. Find your own ticket in the app!

With Trip38 you don’t need to carry paper tickets or hotel vouchers. And it manages to work without an Internet connection. The travel management app automatically creates a local guide on smartphone based on flight ticket or hotel confirmation email. It organizes travel itinerary, including flight e-ticket, hotel upgrade offers, things to do, restaurant options, local events, weather, embassy/ consulate info, helpline/ public utility info, directions and many more local content.

In addition to storing your tickets, Trip38 can show you various resorts, hotels, and tourist destinations, in addition to providing you with maps that will help you in making the most out of your travel. The app, being light, consumes little memory.

The entrepreneurial team of Trip38 comes with a rich experience of travel, technology and product expertise and is keen to leverage its background to offer unique solutions in the travel space.

“What happens when people go to travel agents is that, once the tickets are booked, they are completely on their own. There’s no one there to hold their hand. Every single piece of information they require, post that initial transaction, will be addressed through another transaction. We bridge that gap,” says Niranjan Gupta founder of trip38.

“We gather all the information you’ll need right after you’ve booked your tickets and feed that into your app,” he adds.

While the app will be free to consumers, Trip38’s revenue monetisation options include transaction or subscription fees from hotels for its hotel engage products along with fees from tourism boards, travel agents and travel management companies for its travel engage products.

In the next two years, the company hopes to have three million downloads, worldwide.

“We are investing all our funding towards improving the product feature. We want Trip38 to be intuitive, innovative and agile. Trip38 has been working on some really cool features like digital boarding passes, smart location-aware services using iBeacon and the like. We plan to launch these product features shortly. We are also talking to  airports in and outside India to partner with Trip38,” says Niranjan.

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