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Track Your Important Stuff with iBeacon Technology

Busy days, busy life.

Sometimes in our hurry surviving busy days, we forgot our little stuff. Simple example is our key. Living in rush but lost your key is so not a perfect combination. How many times you have left your key and forgot where you left it? In this moment. It must be something frustrating to have this kind of situation in life.

Luckily we have Cubeacon. Working with iBeacon technology, we will never stuck in a condition where we must leave but we don’t know where our key is. In this case, iBeacon will track your important stuff (not just the key) so you can find them quickly without wandering the entire house without any exact reason.

1. Cubeacon for Your Key


Small device like Cubeacon, can be a key chain. Practically, It will be founded easily since Cubeacon can be tracked through your smartphone. Simply turning on Bluetooth and it will be easily integrated with our smartphone. Saving time finding your lost thing.

2. Cubeacon for Your Bag.


Another thing that we won’t lost is our bag. There are so many important things in our bag. Sure we don’t want to lose a single of them or even all of them. By putting Cubeacon in your bag, you can track where your bag and make sure it is in a save place.

3. Cubeacon for Your Ads


Contextual Mobile Ads that is mostly booming right now can be done with Cubeacon. Working with iBeacon technology, Cubeacon will transmit Bluetooth signal and deliver ads, information, or notification to a smartphone nearby. Product details can now be shown up through your smartphone with Cubeacon.

You will never lost your things anymore. With iBeacon technology, track your important stuff to make sure they are save. Good news is tracking this device is easy because you only need a smartphone..

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