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Track Every Details of Your Customers Behavior

2015 that was predicted to be the year of iBeacon seems to be a little bit missed than what we expected to be. The year of iBeacon in my mind seems to be something like where ever you see and what ever store you are entering will be full of iBeacon device that makes your phone buzzing with their notification, product offers, discounts, and greeting. Yes, what I imagined is probably too big (or maybe too last year), but the fact that iBeacon is one of hugest step of Internet of things is definitely cannot be denied.

How this iBeacon has been demand of the retailers and in store business even grow bigger than what I expected this year. The developing of this tiny device is like Jack’s bean that grew up to the sky. Higher that makes almost every iBeacon developer compete to create various unique apps.

This special chance makes retailers and business use iBeacon to improve them giving the best services for their customers. There are also many evidences that prove iBeacon helps business sell many products and gives the business higher income. These business is combining iBeacon technology and apps. With many features like storyline, microlocation, analytics, indoor positioning system, and else, iBeacon can be your favorite customer services and your customers’ bestfriend in shopping.

Track Track Track!

In store or e-commerce, you still need to track your customers behavior. Okay, I will give you a little explanation about this customers behavior, the tracking thing and the benefit to your business. If you have an e-commerce business and your product is always be everyone that they wait up, you should start thinking about tracking them. By tracking them here means knowing their location. Such us where are they, what is their email, what is their name and these data is so important if you want to make them keep coming back. What kind of coming back? The kind of coming back that makes them shop and shop again. By knowing their data, you can send them email promotion if you want to release newest product. So you don’t have to start your market all over again because you already had it (yayyy!).

Even if you are in-store business, this tracking thing can work for your customers too. You have like a really big store with product that your customers always love to spend their life with. The main use of this tracking thing is you can track your customer behavior. See what is their favorite product from your store, tracking which product is sold out first, and which spot of your store they visit most. You can evaluate your store progress. You can also collect their data and email to send the promotion and advertise your store.

Now that you can see how customer behavior can make your business bigger. You must be wondering how do you have this technology in your business and this is where iBeacon is needed. Everyone know that iBeacon is small device using Bluetooth smart that will transmit signal and every smartphone that catches them will receive notification.

iBeacon is set in Backend as a Service. BaaS is the place where you can set everything. BaaS also has many features that improve iBeacon technology such as storyline, microlocation, indoor positioning system, analytics etc. By setting your iBeacon in BaaS, you can manage each of your iBeacon.

Easy isn’t? Yes and it gives business much better improvement.

Cubeacon is a one stop solution for iBeacon developer. Our company focuses on iBeacon hardware and Backend as a Service. Our BaaS has many features such as microlocation, storyline, indoor positioning system, and analytics. We provide iBeacon hardware and Backend as a Service. Visit www.cubeacon.com to get more information about iBeacon. We serve you with low cost and high quality service.

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