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These are Probably the Worst IoT Devices You Could Ever Buy

For some reason, not every IoT devices are useful. Well, not in particular context but in this article you will find how these IoT products are so unnecessary odd and geek.

If you need to find some quick grab gift, here are list of the products:

1. Lamp that blinking whenever you receive email


You can actually build it by yourself! Using Arduino and Project Switch Tale, Matt Richadson – the maker, shows that it will blink whenever you receive email or instant messaging. This is a perfect device to light up your living room in a single blink.

2. Automatic turn on and off all your lights.


ConnectSense now let you control your electronic devices. So you wouldn’t have to be worried if there is an intruder in your house. Turn off all your lights through an apps in one click to confuse the intruder. It surely eases us to manage our electricity.

3. Netflix Socks


It is so depressing while falling asleep and missed few seasons when woke up. Netflix tries to solve this problem. The socks detect if you are still awake or not. If you are clever enough, you can even build your own and put some sensors in there.

4. Internet connected Christmas ornament


“Jolly” is “the smart connected Christmas tree ornament,” It even includes a “time machine” feature, which will “automatically retrieve, group, and display holiday photos from prior years, letting you relieve those wonderful times.”

4. An egg minder that tells you how many eggs left you have


Have you ever just plain forgotten the number of eggs in your fridge? This quirky egg minder will tell you how many eggs left you have exactly. Thanks to the power of the internet, you’ll question your sanity a little less knowing how many eggs you’ve got left.

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