Do you still don’t really sure that ibeacon is useful for various purposes? If it is so, it is better to check the information below. This information is trying to explain that chip ibeacon system can be used for entertainment industry such as film festival.

The Process of Transferring Information via iBeacon to Smartphone

Before explaining about the application, it is better for you to learn about how this beacon works to support entertainment industry. What you need to know that the industry buy ibeacon and then install it for their purpose. The beacon can be installed in any kind of flat surfaces such as wooden, floor, glass, and wall. ibeacon works along with mobile app context and mobile app location. In a specific distance, the ibeacon will transfer signal to the app via your smartphone. Later, you can read the information you need most including taking specific further information. In short, everything will be done mobile so the time to get information is faster and easier.

The Application of iBeacon for Film Festival Event

Now, how about the real application in film industry? For your information, ibeacon with bluetooth smart has been applied in Tribeca Film Festival. In this case, the participants have to download TFF app from their smartphone. Then, they can enter the venue to enjoy the film festival. So, what do they get from this bluetooth le technology? In certain distance, their smartphone gives an alert. The alert is including for screening time or specific offers. The best part of using ibeacon technology is that the participants can buy their ticket mobile. This is including receiving information about several interesting films they can watch at the film festival venue. The microlocation will guide the participants to get the exact place they want to go. On the other hand, the mobile context app will show the detail of the film or the offer. If you want to use the same technology, you can just buy cheap ibeacon at to support your events.


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