Shopping is something that can be fun and will be a lot more fun when the new and modern technology interfere to make it even better. Cubeacon is being introduced for that one purpose. This is a very useful device that will be beneficial for buyers and of course sellers. This mutual device will utilize Bluetooth to send signals to the mobile devices of shopper. In using this product, sellers will be able to reach customers when the shoppers are close to the shop. Cubeacon has a ten meters range which is a better range than a few other options.

The usage of Cubeacon is truly a great one. Although that the technology is relatively new, there have been quite a lot of Cubeacon devices being used by the retail shops.

  • Smart Shopping Location
  • Smart Mobile Apps
  • Geofencing and Geolocation Apps
  • Mobile Payment
  • Microlocation Shopping

These are the features that will be useful for shoppers. These features will help shoppers to locate the best shops that currently offering the real great deals such as new products in good price or maybe sales or discounts for the particular products. Payment will also become easier with the help of Cubeacon.

The retail shops will need to have Cubeacon in order to be detected by shoppers who use the mobile apps of Cubeacon for shopping.  There will be benefits for sellers to and the benefits will help promotion management of the retail shop.

  • Analytics and apps integration.
  • Campaign and map management.
  • oAuth secure and brochures upload.
  • Simple SDK Code.
  • The easy manage hundred iBeacon and Cloud server.

These benefits will be very useful when they are being used accordingly. A retail shop will be able to maintain their marketing strategy in a better way. Creating the creative and attractive advertisements can be done to lure more shoppers to come and buy. Brochures and a lot other useful things can be achieved by using Cubeacon.

Cubeacon is giving the chance to enhance the experience of shopping for shoppers and giving the chance to promote a shop in a better way for sellers. This one product of modern technology can be put into a real good usage by both shoppers and sellers. It is beneficial and many shops have already used the device. The only thing that might be bothering right now is how Cubeacon can only be used by using the products from Apple Inc. such as iPad, iPod and iPhone.


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