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The Thing About Internet of Things

Few people notices that Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest most potential technology in the world. In fact, Internet of Things has been a new technology that could change many people world. Industries are so excited about the IoT that they’ve created a hysterical level – to the point where Cisco is even trying to rename it to the “Internet of Everything.” Whenever Cisco tries to rename something (as it did with “the Human Network”) you know we’re in trouble.

As IoT is growing. There are also many brands that developing it. Qualcomm has several different IoT platforms, Intel has created a breakout standard of their own and Apple and Google are replaying their walled garden battles. 

Just like every major technological trend before, IoT has created trade shows and conferences, accelerators and venture funds, and local meetups and DIY co-working spaces. Every consulting company from McKinsey, Accenture, KPMG on down now have their own IoT divisions and practices.

What most confusing is the universal lack of a clear definition of what the IoT’s benefits are to people. There are already seeing a backlash formed towards IoT — whether it be in the rejection of Google Glass and the glassholes associated with it to the over 50 percent set-aside rate of fitness devices — which are still selling and still being set aside.

Consumers don’t understand machines communicating with each other (sometimes referred to as M2M) or the cloud per se, as they see that as some weird form of Skynet. Based on public reaction to NSA spying, hackers hacking and Google and Facebook monetizing our data, IoT has a basic challenge in front of it to build basic trust in the minds of average consumers.

Technological platforms interoperating in a synchronized, orchestrated manner in a distributed networked environment are a turn-on. IoT as the culmination of all modern technology that is finally uniting the online technological world and the real world. By understanding context, both in terms of the end user and the world around them, we can now truly create “mediated conversations,“ real-time intervention and help, online augmentation of everyday experiences and ultimately “contextually aware” apps.

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Girly is a Content Marketing at Eyro Digital Teknologi, Ltd. She is also a copy writer and likes cheeseburger. She writes about iBeacon and its implementation. You can find her on LinkedIn as GirlySaputri.

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