In search of the best Android application Indonesia Next App which is the result of the collaboration between Samsung, Telkomsel, dan DailySocial, recently has the seven best application and idea from the developers. After passed the selective judging process, the seven teams has been given opportunity to complete their technical and non-technical application concept before being presented in front of the manager judging level on September 25th 2014.

This open-competition attracted a hundred application developers around Indonesia. It became a tight competition since they obtained the worth prize $12 thousands and long-term benefit that offered by Samsung and Telkomsel. Many teams that have been frequently competed also took a part in this competition but surprisingly there are few new names which have been catch the judge attention. These are the seven best developers in INA:

1. Kakatu – Kakatu Team
2. Cubeacon – PT. Eyro Digital Teknologi
3. Jepret – PT. Dycode Cominfotech Development
4. PhiRUNthropy – Yayasan Pelita Cakrawala Inspirasi
5. PiPets – Cocix
6. IO Notes – Djonny Steven Abenz Sim
7. SIGAP – LayangLayang Mobile

The seven best announcements that planned to release on August 25th 2014 is being postponed because the superior competitors enthusiasm presented not only the quantity but also the quality of the apps. Therefore, the judging process became tight. These seven best apps have passed some judging process by Samsung Indonesia, Telkomsel, DailySocial, and Samsung Singapore. The judges’ decision is absolute and cannot be argued.

After being announced as the representative from Indonesia who defeated six other competitors, they will compete again in Asia level with other winners from many countries. Samsung and Telkomsel also promised to facilitate financial capital to promote their selling winner apps that’s called “The Next App”.



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