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The Secret Behind iBeacon

This century we can see technology rule the world. It is in our home, our public places, our ride, even in what we wear. Technology have illuminated the way of living. In some cases, technology helps many people getting their activities done quickly. For example is a Laptop. It is a must have item for everyone. Work and education can be done with technology. It is likely impossible to go a day without technology. It is addicting and people cannot off without it.

What is most popular right now is iBeacon. A tiny device that transmits Bluetooth signal and when a phone caught the signal, it will automatically deliver notification to the smartphone. iBeacon deployment is also getting higher and higher. By this means iBeacon is a technology that will be around us in the next couple years. This year Smart Environment, an idea of deploying technology to create an Internet of Things environment, has been a superstar among developers. iBeacon is one of them.

Deploying iBeacon in a place can  turn the place to be Smart Environment. iBeacon features that’s mostly leveraged by iBeacon developer makes the dream becomes reality. iBeacon developer uses iBeacon features in delivering campaign and mirolocation. The development of iBeacon as a Smart Environment is in their apps. In Brooklyn, there is an apps in a museum that will allow their visitor asking question directly to the staff through their phone. In other situation, iBeacon has helped people to lose their weight. What makes iBeacon became so popular in Smart Environment? Yep, It is in BackEnd.

It is in the BackEnd!

Sure you wonder how iBeacon works in detail.

iBeacon is not working by it self. Its function is only transmitting signal and deliver the campaign to your phone. So where did the campaign come from? Does it magically appear somewhere and sent by iBeacon to your phone? Nope. It’s all set in Backend. Backend as a Service (BaaS) can build an easy integration between the beacon and the phone. Set every single thing you want to deliver in the Backend andit will be set automatically. Leave the rest with iBeacon.

So how we set the Backend? A simple setting using Cubeacon Backend version 1.3. The newest version of Cubeacon Backend will give you more features to build creative campaigns. What are they? They are:

  • Responsive view of UI-UX.
  • Enable users to create various storylines. e.g: campaign scenario for weekend, work day scenario, etc.
  • Item detail in a storyline. e.g: While user is entering a store, nearby a product, out from the store, etc.
  • Various campaign: Show Image, Open URL, and Show Text (Background notification).
  • Create specific event for each item story:
    • OnEnter (while entering beacon area)
    • OnExit (while out from beacon area)
    • OnFar (while approximately 3 meters away from beacon)
    • OnNear (while in 1-3 meters range of beacon)
    • OnIntermediate (while under 1 meter away from beacon).
  • Campaign scheduling. Enable user to choose which storyline to run in exact day. e.g : story 1 run on monday until friday but story 2 run on saturday and sunday, etc.
  • Personal Notification, feature that will make us closer to the customers by adding customers’ name in notification. This feature can be applied in Event OnEnter and OnExit.
  • We can also monitoring user tractions in each storylines and check amount of unique user and their total interaction.
  • Storyline can be set ON/OFF based on your need.

These features are supported by SDK version 1.3 and above. If you still want to run the old storyline you can use SDK version 1.2. Be iBeacon developer right now and lead out your creativity in Smart Environment. Visit www.cubeacon.com for more information.

About Girly Saputri

Girly is a Content Marketing at Eyro Digital Teknologi, Ltd. She is also a copy writer and likes cheeseburger. She writes about iBeacon and its implementation. You can find her on LinkedIn as GirlySaputri.

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