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The Royals Home Opener Added iBeacon Technology

Technology improvements have been added in The Royals home opener against White Sox to clear up complication inside the stadium.

Fun things of being at a Royals game is sharing the experience on social media. That used to present a problem, particularly with tens of thousands of fans trying to do the same thing and it became too hard to get a signal. With 580 WiFi hot spots have been installed and ready to go for the new season, the Royals hope to have everyone covered.

“The WiFi footprint truly covers the entire venue. Every seat, every corner of the concourse, every square foot of the venue itself. And it also can handle, from a capacity standpoint, truly every fan in the venue,” said Brian Himstedt, the director of the Royals IT department.

The team’s technology kick starts before fans even get inside through the iBeacon app. A sensor will be at every gate and a user’s phone ends up being their ticket.

“The application on your phone, the ticketing application, looks for your beacon. The beacon says you’re close to the gate and it will automatically get into your ticketing account and pop the display of the bar codes of those tickets up on your phone,” Himstedt said.

The hot spots are clearly visible in the stadium. You’ll be able to access it from your seat and even more tech awaits fans at the concession stands. To help people get back to the game quickly they can have the option to use Apple Pay.

“Here’s the reader. All I’m doing is taking my phone in front of the reader with my finger and payment is that simple and I’m done,” Himstedt said.

The stadium will also feature a technology room where fans can charge phones and access social media with team-provided tablets, free of charge. All the changes make for appreciative Royals fans.

“Twitter, Facebook, everything. All that is today, what’s going on in today’s world, so to speak. So for them to do that I think is a great benefit,” Willie Kulenkamp said.

To give an example of the amount of data fans use at Kauffman, during a playoff game last season more than two terabytes were used. That’s equivalent of 1,500 two-hour movies.

 Source: kctv5.

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