The facility of contextual computing can be obtained easily if you use ibeacon. Ibeacon is new innovation of technology that people can do in this modern era. You may familiar with the term of file sharing which is often used by many people. People do file sharing when they want to send or receive information from one another. In fact, ibeacon is not only can just give you this feature, but also you can find that there are many types of information that you can access through it.

Right now, people use ibeacon for customer engagement purpose. When you own big store and want to facilitate your customer with good use of facility, you can try to get the solution in ibeacon. Ibeacon will be able to give direct information to your customer when they connect their gadget or smart phone with ibeacon. In the end, they can finally get information about price of the product, features, bonuses, promos, and many more that they can obtain. In addition, you will be able to find information about how to use this facility of ibeacon if you still do not know about how to use it.

There is ble (Bluetooth Low Energy) that you can find in ibeacon. As a result, it will not eat massive amount of battery in your gadget or smart phone. In fact, you will find that ibeacon can also be used to do mobile payment! This is such a great achievement. Right now, you will be able to do your transaction with the provider of store without difficulties. You will get information about total payment that you need to spend to get the items. It will make you find easier to go anywhere without bringing all of your money at all. The ibeacon will provide you with safe mobile payment needed.


tech update for news and application of ibeacon device and public relation for is one's of SDK and BackEnd as a Service for iBeacon solutions. Cubeacon create ibeacon special device include of software.


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