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The Problem with Internet of Things

With technology keeps growing, we tend to get excited about the technology and not think through what an acceptable solution would be. For instance, we are still struggling with the problem of big data. We grew repositories and didn’t think through that it wasn’t the amount of data that was important, it was the decision support we could get from it.

Confused businessman in front of computer, VECTOR, EPS10
Confused businessman in front of computer, VECTOR, EPS10

So what is the problem of Internet of Things? The problem starts with the name. It doesn’t convey a core value but a technical state (connected things) and focuses people again on quantity rather than quality. “Smart” was far better because it implied a solution that made things better as opposed to just made things different. A connected device isn’t inherently better than a disconnected device unless you somehow add intelligence or additional needed functionality. And as Chrysler showcased, just focusing on connectivity can be problematic.

Currently security is becoming a huge impediment to IoT because of concerns surrounding attackers using this access to destroy a company, home, or nation. With sensors and focused analytics it could become a solution for the security problems constantly looking for both physical and electronic anomalies. With this approach, instead of being blocked by a problem that needs to be overcome, the technology is focused on correcting an existing security problem and security gets baked in up front as a result. This effectively falls into the “if given Lemons make Lemonade” category.

What’s really lacking with IoT is a compelling showcase or example of how life would improve in an IoT world or company. It was an effort like this created by Disney and GE for the 1964 World’s Fair called the Carousel of Progress that did a nice job of showcasing how technology very much like IoT could make the cities of tomorrow more compelling. In many ways it helped focus the world on a common vision on how to apply technology to create a more powerful result.

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