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The Live Group Won EIBTM Technology Watch Award For An App Called Locator Function

The EIBTM Technology Watch award is a high profile annual recognition project for technology innovation in the global meetings and events sector. It is a fantastic opportunity for new technology products to be showcased or for rising events technology stars within the industry to gain global exposure and acknowledgement.

The Live Group, a UK based digital communication agency, won this year The EIBTM Technology Watch award for their app called Locator Function. The app is an indoor positioning that runs with Bluetooth Low Energy or iBeacon. It is most compatible with modern smartphone. The Beacon themselves is a technology in a small device that can be set up in strategic places such as conference, trade show, or even restaurant. The most important thing is, it can work accurately as opposed to GPS.

The Live Group’s Locator Function is the best example we’ve seen yet of how the¬†Beacon technology can be applied to meetings, according to the Tech Watch judging panel chair, Corbin Ball. Attendees can orient themselves in the venue, locate others and find specific destinations on an interactive floor plan. The app checks in attendees automatically when they arrive at the venue, and can send push notifications to specific delegate types; it captures the flow of attendee traffic as well. “It offers huge opportunities for profile raising and marketing to sponsors and exhibitors,” says Ball.

The Live Group has been using the app at its own events, notes Ball. The award goes to emerging technology, but The Live Group does have a track record of success with Locator Function. “Other companies, such as DoubleDutch, are beginning to do this as well,” says Ball. “Live Group’s entry seemed to be the most complete.”

The possibilities of BLE beacon technology at events are quite exciting, and it’s good to see that different suppliers are experimenting with it. I look forward to checking out The Live Group’s implementation at EIBTM next week.

Beacon technology, with its Bluetooth Low Energy, will ease any business and every human’s needs. This simple device will connect automatically with your smartphone and you will be able to receive any information. Interested in installing Beacon technology in your venue? visit www.cubeacon.com to get the right Beacon that you want.

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