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The Keys for Success IoT Startups

For a startup or enterprise, IoT is a mine where they can get up to 50 Billion income by 2020. A crazy number since but this time IoT itself have been around us and we will soon feel more of IoT impact around us.


Before you begin designing and prototyping, you need to understand some keys that will make IoT product worthy or at least suit your market requirements.

  • Right Devices

Pros and Cons for startup or enterprise that will be joining IoT march is “devices”. If you want to build your own device for IoT, that’s great. You should also consider the time because building your own hardware takes very long time. But that way, you can really build solution or product that exactly just like what you want.

If you feel it’s hard to build your own device from scratch, you can choose a simple way.  Choosing a ready to deploy gateway solutions. It can get you to market quickly but may need to be retrofitted into existing equipment and may not be cost-effective for larger deployment sizes.

Whether you need to build or buy your device, make sure your device suits your market requirements and more importantly your it suits your goals.


Cubeacon build our own devices so it will suit the market needs and our goal. As a device for every IoT needs, Cubeacon provides solution for anyone who wants to build smart environment whether it’s building like office or malls, and indoor mapping.

  • Find the Right Features

Think about what will your device be. Is it smart enough to track children? Or is it smart enough to make its own decision?

Keep in mind, the less intelligence you deploy in the field, the more data traffic the device will generate as it communicates with the cloud.  Cost is an important factor, but you should consider the total cost of operating the solution—including airtime charges and ongoing device management—not just the bill of materials or cost of the device itself.

  • The Right Connectivity

Choosing the right connectivity partner can be one of the more complex decisions. Connectivity drivers are broad and include network speed (4G LTE vs 3G vs 2G), monthly data volume requirements, regional support requirements (i.e. global, North America or European as examples) and SIM form factors (plug-in vs embedded).

When considering service providers, look for connectivity partners that:

  1. Can support your rollout footprint with as few SIM SKUs as possible
  2. Have access to the markets you require today and can support your future expansion
  3. Have the flexibility to expand their networks in the future
  4. Offer advanced network services specific to IoT use cases such as IP management, secure private access point name (APN) networks and virtual private network (VPN) connectivity to your data center or cloud infrastructure.
  • Choose Your Cloud Data Platform

Cloud data platform will handle essential IoT infrastructure functions including data acquisition from the devices at the edge, data storage, and advanced services such as aggregation and analytics.

The cloud platform you select is critical as it affects your time-to-market. To get maximum benefit you want a platform that is well integrated with the hardware you choose so less time is spent on communication infrastructure and more time is spent building your user experience. Well integrated hardware also comes with security benefits ensuring that data is secure from its collection point through to the customer.

Backend cubeacon

For example of creating a smart malls, Cubeacon backend provides contextual mobile advertising through a beacon. The campaign can be set through our Backend in easy step. Our user friendly backend also provides analytics to help you analyze your market habit.

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