Apple is improved their feature more and more. The result is that you can enjoy a new feature known as ibeacon from your beloved smart gadget. The implementation of this feature is various and one of them has been implemented on retail area. By using Bluetooth low energy this feature is successfully helping retail owners and customers to get more benefits.

iBeacon for Retail Store

This is how ibeacon and bluetooth le work for retail store. For example, you are a buyer and you have a favorite. You have mobile app context on your smartphone. On the other hand, the store also needed to have beacon around the store. Later, the beacon from the store will give a specific signal to your smartphone. You will receive welcome message from the ibeacon of the store. This is the fun part of using mobile app location supported by ibeacon. Let say, you are walking to a jean stand in that store. If the ibeacon is installed near to the stand, you will immediately receive the information about that jean. It is not only information about the specification of the jean but also the special offers from the store if you buy the jean. It is the same case if you walk to the other stand. As long as there is ibeacon near the area, you will receive the information.

Easier and Faster Buying Process by Using iBeacon

Is that only ibeacon can do for you? Of course, not! As a tiny device, ibeacon helps you to buy your favorite items easier and faster. It is really a customer engagement technology. Just imagine! If you decide to buy the items informed by the feature via mobile app, you can continue the purchase process via your mobile app. The beacon will send a thank you message along with shipping information. What you have to do is stored your credit card information and the purchasing process is complete. You don’t need to bring the item because they will be delivered in the same day to your home address. Just buy it now at now.


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