Modern shopping is the contemporary lifestyle that can actually be realized by cubeacon. It is very important for the owners of stores or retails are very concerned with the satisfaction of the customers, and at the same time also have a concept of the future of the business. Cubeacon offers iBeacon which will really helpful, not only for the owner of the store, but for everyone who is involved in the transaction process. Because this is a very simple integrated service to be managed with the best features. So, what can we get from this iBeacon services? The following are some of the essential features for you.

Great Mobile Apps

We understand that today is the era of technology with intelligence gadgets. So, if at all possible, we can combine and integrate any application to practical needs. Cubeacon very concerned with the needs of the buyers are always on the move anywhere. Quite often, we also find interesting products in unexpected places. Well, this is where the shopkeepers can really take advantage of optimum services. You can put up great apps in the gadget and to access any information from the nearest store. Because that’s provided by stores that rely on iBeacon system.

Microlocation Shopping

One good news is micro location shopping. You may not be so concerned with retagging system or anything like that. But believe me thatthis would be an application that is very important considering you can shop in unexpected places. Usually, in the shopping center, we founda few products in the shop. But when it is the first experience, we tend to be difficult to determine the location. And even, this application willprovide detailed information on the store location nearest you. So, it just needs to adjust to the surrounding information.

Smart Notifications

However, notification is something that is very important and essential. With the notification, we may know the things that we need while being around from one store to another. But the best notification system that can be tailored to the needs. So, there is no disruption to a customer as a result of the notification sound only in every minute. With smart notifications, you can manage all the information without having to be bothered by the system. Thus, you can shop comfortably and without any disturbance.

Well, that’s some of the essential features of iBeacon. Actually, there are many other applications that have been implemented in the system. And it would be useful for the owners of the store or the buyers.


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