iBeacon vs iBeacons?
Let me differ between iBeacon and iBeacons for you. iBeacon is Apple advanced technology which has been built into its OS and devices. iBeacon works based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The function simply helps the businesses to advertise their presence to the close smartphone. By setting up iBeacons, they can send relevant information to customers who walk past an iBeacons. To sum up, iBeacon is the technology while iBeacons is the devices which integrated with this technology.
One of the iBeacon software drivers which provide many benefits to your business is Cubeacon.

What is Cubeacon?
Cubeacon is small cube wireless devices which provide Bluetooth radars to your smartphone. Cubeacon and iBeacon integrated like airport radar which makes your smartphone able to receive such signals and estimate the exact locations. This small advanced device made by Eyro Digital Teknologi, Ltd which located in Surabaya, Indonesia and based in Japan.

Why is Bluetooth Low Energy necessary?
Bluetooth Low Energy is the signal provided by iBeacons. It has two main parts. First, it has radio signal that can through the physical things such as walls. Second, it saves the battery longer than classic Bluetooth. That is why it makes BLE better.

How Cubeacon benefits my business?
Cubeacon has 6 main benefits which help you to develop your business:

  1. Campaign Management: It helps you to send information about your product to your customers. It’s simply broadcast the special promotion, discount, sale, and many more.
  2. Map Management: It enables your presence to the customers. You will know exactly they walk in and walk out from your store from the app-defined locations.
  3. Customers’ Analysis: It provides the analytic data to see how the visitors interact with the campaign you send the place they visit and how they move through your store from outside to the point-of-sale. It also gives you exact information about your customer is.
  4. Simply Management: It provides two main jobs, to manage and to control all iBeacons in all stores at single place. Cubeacon has software as a service (SaaS) to ease your iBeacons management.
  5. Simply Implementation with SDK code: It doesn’t need to be a great programmer to implement Cubeacon. Any app that you have will be simply integrated with Cubeacon SDK code.
  6. Cloud Server Security System: It keeps your data secure with Cubeacon. Cubeacon will give you extra slots with unlimited Cubeacon cloud size.

I don’t run a retail business, I do others business that I want to develop. Does Cubeacon can develop my businesses?

Of course! There are many industries using iBeacon technology around the world. Such as sport, education, hospital, restaurant, bank, travel industry, and even entertainment industries. We will help you to fulfill your customers’ needed and embrace their satisfaction.

How can I reach and order Cubeacon?

Just simply click our website or go direct to our Contact. We will be very delighted to help you and embrace your business.



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