If you read about ibeacon, it seems that this technology is only useful for big industries. Actually, it is true but what you need to know that this tiny chip ibeacon is also useful for you as the customers of the industry. Let say, you are a customer who have smartphone in your hand. Then, you are visiting a supermarket with ibeacon microlocation. Definitely, this is how beacon helps you to get the product you need faster and easier.

The Role of iBeacon for Customers in Supermarket

For your information, beacon supports you by giving a specific signal to your smartphone. Then, your smartphone receive the signal in the form of text. Before that, it is a must for you to download specific app which is related to the purpose. Because you want to use ibeacon mapping in a supermarket it means you have to download supermarket app via smartphone. This is the time when you feel that ibeacon bluetooth low energy helps you a lot even if you are only a customer.

The Steps of How iBeacon Helps Customers in Supermarket

Let say, you want to buy specific ingredients for your dinner. When you are entering the supermarket, you can use the app to send the specific recipe you want to cook for dinner. Because you are using mobile app location supported by ibeacon, the beacon will give the signal to you. The signal is guiding you to find the location to get the ingredients based on the recipe you have sent before. It is not only giving the direction but the beacon will give additional information especially if there is special offer from the supermarket. Moreover, you will also get more suggestion about delicious recipes you might want to try for dinner. It is good if you don’t have any idea about what kind of food you want to cook for dinner. It works the same until you get all the ingredients you need. In conclusion, you can limit your time because you know the right way to get the ingredients. The complete information about this bluetooth le technology can be read at Cubeacon.com.


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