The issue about ibeacon technology spread lately. It is said that this technology which is developed by Apple is useful for several industries including retail or grocery industry. It is true that chip ibeacon can support your retail or grocery business. The most important thing is that it is not only just a theory but it is definitely a practical technology.

iBeacon Technology in Philips Grocery Store

One of the examples is done by popular brand, Philips. Philips is applying ibeacon geofencing or geolocation technology to support their customers. This kind of technology has been tested by Philips store in Germany. They use built-in beacon to share the information to the customers who come to their store. It works well and most customers who come to the store helped with this latest technology.

The Way iBeacon Technology Support Philips Grocery Store in Germany

By the time customers come to the store along with their smartphone, ibeacon works automatically. In this case, this store is using microlocation and ibeacon map along with bluetooth low energy. Later, this technology will accompany customers to find various products they need most. iBeacon is not only giving the exact location but also giving the additional information in the form of text. This is because this technology is compatible with mobile app context. As the result, customer will get direction as well as the information about the product. The information is coming from the signal from the beacon installed near the product stands. Then, this signal is transmitted to customers’ smartphone to become text which explains about the detail of the products. Of course, customers need to download specific app from their smartphone to support the signal from the beacon. By using this kind of technology, customers don’t need to get confuse finding the customer service or staff of the store only for asking the detail of the product. They will receive the information completely. Even, they can do the purchasing process mobile by using this technology. If you have a retail or grocery business, you can buy ibeacon. You can find the information about cheap ibeacon by visiting

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