One of latest feature which is launched by Apple is ibeacon. This feature has been applied for several industries. One of industries which apply this feature is educational industry. Specifically, it is applied in Brazil. The idea is very unique and it makes learning process faster than before.

How iBeacon Works for Teachers in Brazil

Actually, this feature is included in a new technology known as Be Happy app. This app is using ibeacon feature which can automatically takes attendance by the time the students enter the classroom. Before supporting this new educational system, students are installing the app for their iPhone or iPod. Later, ibeacon proximity helps the teachers to detect who attend the class and who are not to do it so. Uniquely, by using ibeacon microlocattion students don’t need to active the app first. The process will be done automatically. In specific, the ibeacon transmitter will automatically detect iOS devices in their proximity around the class.

The Way Teachers Get Benefits from iBeacon Application

The teachers in Brazil will receive the image profile of the student. Then, the teacher can tap the image of the student to know the name of the student. In this case, the app of the teacher is supported by Bluetooth low energy and receives the signal. Now, this technology which is considered as the application of ibeacon technology is coming in 1.1 version. This latest version has been updated for iOS 7.1. The update is including for the bug fixes and several new features. One of update features is the ability to change a profile picture. Soon, this app will be installed on iPads to support teachers in Brazil and hopefully teachers around the world. If you want to know more about ibeacon feature, you just need to read the information in the official website. It is also possible for you to buy ibeacon to know its benefits. Just download the app in app store and try to apply it for your purposes.


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