If you are running a retailing business, your success is determined by how well you treat your customers. They will think that you are an attentive retailer if they are aware about their needs and try your best to provide them with help in finding the items they are looking for and providing cost-effective solution for their shopping activities. Your customers wish to get the best yet very affordable items quickly when they are shopping. If you are aware of that, you may start to use Cubeacon devices at your store.

What is Cubeacon? Cubeacon is an iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy device that allows you to communicate with your customers digitally. The technology that is used by this device practically integrates customers’ digital shopping behavior with their offline one. By implementing the technology behind this device at your store, you can digitally assist all customers who visit your store and make them more satisfied with your service. The way the system works is quite easy to explain. First, when your customers approach your store, your Cubeacon device will be connected with their gadget. This connection allows the device to send greeting message to their gadget.

When they enter your store, you can have the device inside your store to tell them about special offers and bonuses that are available for them. Your Cubeacon device can precisely detect the location of your customers because it uses a state-of-the-art GPS technology. The device can also provide you customers with information about the features of your products. Therefore, they already understand everything that they need to buy even before they physically examine your products. When they leave your store, they will mostly be satisfied by how you have provided them with assistance during their visit to your store.

Cubeacon is just one variant of various iBeacon devices that are available today. There are several features that make this device a perfect choice for retailers like you.

  1. It is programmed to treat each of your loyal customers so specially that they can always receive personalized messages. This allows you to program your marketing campaign better.
  2. It precisely detect the location of your customers, allowing you to give them the right messages according to that products that are the closest to them.
  3. It allows you to analyze your customers and find out their real needs so that you can serve them accordingly.
  4. If you use multiple Cubeacon devices, the device’s system allows you to manage all of those devices conveniently from one controlling device.
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