Beacon Technology that was released on 2013 by Apple Store is now getting big and spreading all around the world. Not only in the train station or in a stadium, Shopkick (recently acquired by SK planet for $200 million) is testing the Beacon Technology in their retailers.

As the result, Beacon has passed 7,500 devices. The technology is now also starting to see deployments in earnest. The 7.500 devices that passed in Sidekick is the first start to continue ambition of having the largest Beacon in all around their retailers and also all around Europe with Bookatable and online booking platform with operations across Europe. Shopkick is now rolling out a system of iBeacon devices across its partner restaurants.

During the London Restaurant Festival, Bookatable will expand iBeacon out to 119 restaurants in the city. With many iBeacon trials taking place with retailers or single eateries, Bookatable claims to be the first to have a more comprehensive service. The service in London Restaurant Festival will work like this: if you have the Bookatable app installed on your iPhone, when you walk past or into any participating restaurant you are pushed special-priced festival menus. Restaurants that are involved include those in the D&D group, Ping Pong, Spaghetti House OXO Tower, STK London and Villandry. After the festival and when the Beacons are installed more widely, the messages will include special offers to tempt walk-ins along with other services such as free wifi, discount, and offers from any restaurant.

One of Benefit of using Beacon technology in the retailers business is they are small and easy to install. Another benefit is we want the customers to be satisfied by a quick order and by using Beacon, the customers may choose their favourite menu without queuing up.

Seeing restaurants get interested in iBeacons is a logical progression on early interest among retailers. In the UK, stores like Tesco and Waitrose both started trials of the technology earlier this year.

It sounds like it will be some time before the company swaps over to an all-beacon strategy, though. “Ultrasound is the most accurate for retail for presence verification at the store entrance, and iBeacon is the best to activate the user when they are not running the app, and is also great deep within the store,” Cyriac Roeding, shopkick’s CEO and co-founder, explains. “SK planet also has other cool technologies that we can integrate. SK planet has its own mobile loyalty service, OKcashbag, with 38 million users.

It seems like one of next step that iBeacon should take is getting Beacon technology in to payment. So that Restaurant business or any other physical business will available to enable payment for their customers after ordering from iBeacon.

“We are already doing that through our special partnerships with Visa and MasterCard, where if you link your debit or credit card you get more ‘kicks’ [loyalty points] when you buy, and our full POS integration at Best Buy. In the future, we can integrate with more retailers and thereby create an even better shopping experience.” That will likely include Apple Pay, it seems. “Nothing to announce yet, but we’re very excited about Apple Pay.”

Literally, Beacon Technology is taking over the world. Imagining the world using Beacon Technology and getting everything done just by installing Beacon Technology.

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