Tesco Superstore decides to trial iBeacon by making a store-specific app called MyStore. The Tesco’s senior group marketing manager for mobile stated that a beta version of Tesco’s MyStore app is trialling iBeacons, but ‘slowly” using it for marketing purposes until customers familiar with this technology. It aimed to avoid scaring customers.

Cody said the prospect of walking past a display of baked beans and getting a mobile marketing message about a deal on the product could scare customers, so initially the iBeacons will be used for purposes such as sending a customer a message when they arrive in-store to pick up some pre-ordered goods.

The concept of MyStore is to create an app that is tailored to the store the customer is in at the time, which would mean customers could build up a shopping list on their app and when in-store, click a button to tell them the precise location of the products. Logically, even there is the best app does all these different things, but if it is too difficult to use, they will not use it and unfortunately they delete it.

Cody said, “All our data is in one place, so with any messages we send to our customers, we have a pretty good idea of who those customers are. If you look at the Tesco shopper it is pretty representative of the whole UK, so you’ve got to make sure you are not sending the same message to everyone.”

The company will begin to deeply learn and understand this technology as a ‘new breed of people’ comes into the business.
All in all, we can see that this is one way given by a store to help the customers in using a technology such iBeacon. Not all customers are able to use it effectively; they need the store to give them a simple app, simple way, and also simple operating, instead of advanced technology which difficult to use it.


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