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Technology indoor micro-site By iBeacon

Bluetooth 4.0 technology indoor micro-site that Apple made ​​and the industry is ready to embrace. I mean, CES operates a harness iBeacons promotion hunt, how is that for support?

And chip maker Qualcomm launched and supplier of Apple s own platform called Gimbal iBeacons, another voice of confidence to the nature of Apple’s cross-platform technology.

And now, inMarket announced the roll-out of iBeacons for about two hundred locations grocery stores, including Safeway and Giant Eagle locations in Seattle, San Francisco and Cleveland. What sets apart inMarket implementation of iBeacons to others is a multi-retailer.

Although the system will only work with its own inMarket applications, the company plans to roll it out for brand partners and independent developers in the future, ensuring a consistent user experience across multiple retailers and coupon apps / reward …

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