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Internet of Things is the Enemy


Cybercrime is still one of problems in United States. According to a report by James R. Clappr, Director of US National Intelligence, Cybersecurity remains America’s greatest threat. The main thing is Internet of Things. The broad catch-all for internet connected home appliances, ranging from baby monitors to thermostats. Clapper describes ...

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Internet of Things Saves You from Traffic Jam


Well, the traffic light revolution is already underway. It is all part of the promise of connected and self-driving cars, which allow data about individual journeys, routes and vehicles to be centrally monitored, controlled and systematized. Once computers are in full control of our cars, do we even need traffic ...

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Internet of Things as UK’s Digital Future

Internet of Things at UK

UK’s chancellor pledged £40m for the internet of things, which allows devices to be controlled by a smartphone or tablet, alongside a £600m investment in freeing up spectrum to be used for wireless broadband and £7.4m to provide wi-fi access for libraries in England. The £40m will be used for business ...

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