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Current Topic: Internet of Things


Current topic that has been talked this day is Internet of Things (IoT). Although it has been being the talk since years before, 2015 has been a great year where everyone is building IoT infrastructure. IoT company has been growing so big. They are making devices that is suitable for ...

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Hacking The Internet of Things Through 2015

hacking IoT

As the era of connected devices growing, security also need to be increased. One of major issue for Internet of Things is the security. Security Entrepreneur, Chris Rouland, bet his next company, an Internet-of-Things-focused security startup called Bastille, on the risks of hackable digital objects. And he argues that public understanding ...

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2016 Prediction for Smart Home and IoT


2015 is almost over. Welcoming 2016, there must be some new things coming. Especially in Smart Home and Internet of Things. The Next Web is reviewing some big leaps in smart home and IoT for 2016. Data Makeover With many activity happening, notification is needed to give user’s data analytic. Today’s users ...

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Understanding How iBeacon Works in a Simple Way

Cubeacon in box

On this day, iBeacon is not a new technology. We have seen many people are talking about this technology and its implementation for contextual mobile advertising. It changes usual customer experience to digital experience. It even boosts sales. Increasing sales up to 30%, this what makes iBeacon technology popular around ...

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The First iBeacon City


Columbus just invested $10.000 to turn the city into the first iBeacon city in the country. It would make the citizen saver by holding their smartphone once they are walking around the city. The app itself will let the citizen knows any news and update about the city. It delivers ...

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