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Roadmap of The Internet of Things

future of IoT

The world around us will be “connected” in the future. That’s the internet of things in a nutshell. Our cars, homes, and cities will be seamlessly communicating with each other. People are ready for Internet of Things and it keeps growing. The Internet of Things (IoT)—a sophisticated network of objects ...

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Internet of Things Problem in infographic

cutting rope

We’ve seen many articles stating that Internet of Things’ glory is always be something to look up. But people are so caught up on the benefit and whatever Internet of Things could be done instead of the Internet of Things itself. The problem starts with the name. It doesn’t convey a ...

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The Problem with Internet of Things

Confused businessman in front of computer, VECTOR, EPS10

With technology keeps growing, we tend to get excited about the technology and not think through what an acceptable solution would be. For instance, we are still struggling with the problem of big data. We grew repositories and didn’t think through that it wasn’t the amount of data that was important, it ...

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