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How iBeacon Works at Office


We have seen the story about many smart environments. Started from home to the airport, Smart technology has brought to our lives, in many different ways. One of them is using iBeacon technology. As in Hamad International Airport where they built smart airport with iBeacon that can do boarding pass scanner, ...

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Build IoT (Internet of Things) with iBeacon Technology


iOS has made a new chance by combining indoor mapping or digital mobile advertising in one technology, iBeacon. This technology is the only push notification through Bluetooth Low Energy which can directly be translated and received by smartphone. SMS, MMS, or another notifications seem to be ignored by smartphone user ...

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Office With iBeacon Can Be SmartOffice


Skyscraper everywhere! It is a usual scenery wherever you are. Many buildings have been built in this era. Strong, huge, tall, any forms of building you can see all over the world scattered like stars in the night sky. These buildings can be an office. Office with a great architecture ...

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The Potential of Internet of Things for UK Government


Internet of Things has gone worldwide. There have been many implementation of Internet of Things around the world. You can see smart office or smart home as one of Internet of Things implementation example. They are using Internet of Things to create smart devices that can connect with things. Apparently, ...

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