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5 Use Cases of iBeacon for Smart Home


Interconnected things is not impossible. Even in our home. With so many brands releasing their smart home product, people are interested in joining in to give a shot. If you notice, smart home is not always about expensive and tech-expert product. You can simply build them with BLE. A simple ...

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Smart Home Camera Detects Intruders

Einbrecher dringt in ein Haus ein.

Security camera is being placed in almost every building today. Keeping the building secure from intruders and to control activity that’s happening when the owner’s away. It’s not even only in an office building, Security Camera is also in home. Home owner wants to make sure that their house is ...

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4 Problems of Smart Home

smart home challenges

Smart Home is the hype. Everybody is going to be in this smart home environment and all the benefits it could ever give. With all the hype, people often forgot that it also has problems. Here are 4 problems of smart home based on Cheat Sheet.

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