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Location Based Market Targeting with iBeacon

ibeacon smart shopping

Smart shopper always gets the best offers. With a little help from the latest technology it becomes much easier to get the latest shopping news and discount offers. iBeacon makes it possible for anyone to get the latest shopping info easily. Most people would spend hours going into stores and ...

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Microlocation Shopping Feature for VIP Shopper


All women want to get best seller or perfume, branded bags, best jewelries and some other exclusive products. Having exclusive product will make women feel so proud. That is why they usually will go to modern and high class mall to find some stores with attractive offer. All of women ...

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3 Smart Features in Cubeacon

ibeacon feature

Ibeacon is popular to be used by many people today since it is a high technology of Bluetooth that you can use to do your activity easily. In fact, you do not have to waste a lot of time and energy when you are using Ibeacon since its smart feature ...

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Great Features from iBeacon

ibeacon location base advertising

If you have a shop, you should be prepared to be working with many parties. However, the most important thing is to develop your business with the context and concept of technology. iBeacon will take you to understand the importance of the future of the business and shopping. In just ...

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The Quality of Future Shopping

ibeacon smart advertising

How do you seek to attract more customers? Let us imagine an example below. One day, a customer is walking on your area. Apparently, she was enjoying the best days. But when she observes around, she attracted with a storefront. And that’s where she shopped without a plan. In fact, ...

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