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3 Reasons on Why Microlocation is Important

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Microlocation is a feature where you can, basically, see your position indoor, and even track something. They know your specific location indoor better than GPS. Beside, this feature can also lead you to your destination directly. No need to worry of being lost. The implementation of microlocation can be used ...

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Microlocation is May Be the Biggest Feature of iBeacon


iBeacon is an implementation of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which enables very precise micro-location triggers for events in iOS 7 apps. Recently it’s not only coming to iOS only but also Android user will also experience this feature. BLE is especially useful in places indoor where GPS location data my not be ...

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Apple is Developing Robot for Indoor Maps


Apple is planning a major overhaul of its Maps app in a bid to take on Google. The firm is set to relaunch the app in  iOS 9, according to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, and is expected to reveal it at a developers conference in San Francisco next month. ‘Apple now hopes ...

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3 iBeacon Micro Location Apps


iBeacon is not so new kids on the block now. It is known with its worthy in transmitting Bluetooth signal and delivering campaign. This feature is mostly used in retail business to help them increasing sales and engaging customers. With iBeacon, push notification will be lead to the new level ...

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