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See What iBeacon has Done to this Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the goal of increasing sales and achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Marketing Strategy has been used by many of business to increase their product sales and income. A good marketing strategy will bring a business to the level where they leverage their product to the customers. In this ...

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iBeacon; The 2015 Retail Solution

ibeacon for retail

As much as people need grows bigger and bigger, retail industry is going higher and higher. Perfect combination of how business is going. Retail industries have widen their market by doing online shopping and on land shopping. Clearly increasing customers and sale by various marketing ways. Online shopping is something ...

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The 11 Industries Using iBeacon So Far


Many company around the world competes to attract their customers in different ways. They made some marketing strategy to fulfil the customers’ needs and every matter they want. With iBeacon technolgy, some companies in any industries create a new brand marketing purposes to gain more customers. Here are 11 industries ...

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