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Why iBeacon can Boost Your Sales


The iBeacon hype is all over the retailers. Digital Advertising concept and customer engagement also become main strategies for retailers. Beside these strategies, the company is investing into one thing in common to enhance their service. Technology i what they have in common. The app era has been a boom for ...

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Internet of Things in Marketing


With the Internet of Things, you could have all your devices in your home connected to the internet this includes things such as your refrigerator, the temperature in your home, and a smart car that could be programmed to take you places. Since it makes everything easier, Internet of Things ...

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2 Phases of Internet of Things and Marketing

IoT phases

According to a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, “51 percent of marketing expect the Internet of Things (IoT) to revolutionize marketing by 2020.” The only explanation that match with the study is IoT has been couched as a tool for ‘personalization,’ ‘engagement’ and new ‘customer experiences,’ but these characterizations are ...

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iBeacon and Social Media to Gain More Money


iBeacon is a hardware rather than software. It uses bluetooth low energy instead of the internet for its interactions. On the surface this seems like a step backward. The battle cry of technology has been telling us to move more and more online, but we can’t escape the reality that people will ...

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5 Trends for Mobile in Modern Business


There is expected to be a push for businesses to employ mobile tech that will allow employees to pull up company information in real-time in an effort to make it simpler to collaborate on projects and move away from endless post-meeting email chain updates. Also anticipate more mobile apps from ...

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7 Best Mobile Apps for Mobile Advertising


Dealing with mobile advertising, retailers will never take off the part of technology. Digital era has driven technology into every single detail of life. Mobile apps is one of solution in digital marketing to enhance customers experience. Mobile apps is developed in marketing business with various features and advantages. Here ...

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