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iBeacon Vision in Mobile Ads Space (Part: 1)

ibeacon business benefit

Beacon technology has a potential to change mobile advertising into something more interesting, valuable, and prestigious. It becomes the best factor that frequently hyped IoT (Internet of Things) probably finally comes true. Long time ago, the existence of connectivity that can be found everywhere that came from devices than traditional ...

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While M2M ‘Catch’ The Business ‘Eye’, iBeacon and IoT ‘Gears Up’ an Expansion


What is M2M? Briefly, M2M (Machine-to-Machine) can be defined as data communications between two or more machines. Sometimes it is translated into Man-to-Machine and Machine-to-Man and others. Interconnection between cellular telephone service provider, M2M, Telemetry or Telematics is one of successful project that use public wireless network. Mostly M2M systems ...

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