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Cubeacon Version 2.1 for iOS is Updated


The new updated version of Cubeacon Tools for iOS is updated. Every iOS user can now enjoy the new update of Cubeacon Tools which includes radar version. The updates also work for iOS version 9 which is the newest version of iOS device. The details of the updates are: – ...

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Cubeacon is Now Available in iOS!


Cubeacon is now available in iOS! iOS developers can celebrate now because we just launched Cubeacon in App Store. The features include: Locate Beacon to detect iBeacon devices around you. Transmit Beacon to turn your iPhone into iBeacon device. These features will help you to detect beacons and let your phone be beacon ...

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6 Things You Can Get by Installing iBeacon Technology

Woman shopping at the supermarket

Tiny device called iBeacon is now emerging in almost every cool places in the world. This tiny device works with Bluetooth Low Energy is bestfriend for retail business. It will transmit signal and if a smartphone caught the  signal, it will send notification or information. It is using Bluetooth smart. ...

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What’s Retail Trends in 2015?


The retail industry readily embraced technology in 2014, offering options such as mobile apps, smart dressing rooms, click to collect features and more for consumers. Now in 2015, retail analysts predict that brick and mortar retailers from multiple consumer product categories will be implementing even more technology to improve customer ...

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The West Edmonton Malls Taking Retail to the Future

west edmonton mall using ibeacon

In most shopping malls, walking up to the store directory map remains a pretty analog experience. Even if the map is mounted on a shiny glass display, and even if it’s colour-coded into easy-to-find blocks with numbers, a little dot saying “You are here” is about as personalized and contextual ...

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